The Workings of FC Torrevieja

FC Torrevieja is currently run by a Junta Gestora, which is essentially a temporary committee. In the summer 2012, the paid up members of the club - the socios - held an AGM and voted Vicente Boix as the President of the club, Propsero the club Secretary and Jefferson Scott as the club Treasurer. The President also has the authority to ask others to join the temporary team if he feels they will work for the benefit of the club. This season he has brought in Marcos Fernandez Rubio to seek sponsorship and advertising funds from the Spanish community and Keith Nicol as Marketing and Promotions director to try and increase the fan base. Keith is hard at work with the radio and press to secure maximum exposure for the club as well as planning concerts and musical events designed to add to the coffers of the club.

This Junta Gestora has a mandate to operate for a year, so those fully paid up socios will be called on again for a meeting next May/June, where they will once again select a President and board of Directors, as well as examining the financial records of the club and agreeing to a budget for the following season.

It costs only €50 to become a socio, but only €20 to renew membership annually. Memberships for this season 2012/13 closes on 30 September 2012, so anyone wishing to renew this or any new members wishing to join, need to see the Treasurer before that date. It is likely that the next AGM will be to elect the President and the Board for a four year tenure.

Torrevieja CF
The Torrevieja CF team is often referred to as the reserve team to FC Torrevieja, but this is not the case. They are separate clubs, albeit with extremely close links to each other. The CF team were once the top side of the town and made it to division 2B status, before debts destroyed their existence and they re-emerged in the lowest level, - regional 2. They gained promotion the season before last and now play in regional 1.

FC Torrevieja manager Casimiro Torres works closely with the CF manager and they talk about developing players from this side and younger teams within the town. Such was the case with 15-year old Damian Aguero, who has gone to Atletico Madrid. Junior players that show potential are invited to train with the senior team.

The club registers players and technical staff with the Federation before the start of the season and these are the only players allowed to play for the club, although if it proved necessary, then the manager would be able to call on some registered players from CF team if he found himself short of first team player personnel. Hence it is easy to see why this CF team is considered a reserve side for FC torrevieja. The Federation acknowledges these players as registered to play in their league system and regards them as eligible to "move up" and play for the top side.

Helping FC Torrevieja
All the directors at the club are unpaid volunteers and the club is always seeking to add informally to the "workforce" in trying to improve attendances, bring in extra sponsorships and revenues, as well as helping out Keith with the special events that he is planning. The two supporters clubs, as well as a number of individuals, do a lot of work for the club, which is greatly appreciated. The club has a long way to go to be a "professional" club, but it will be the efforts of those supporting it in every way that they are able that will bring about this necessary transformation and assist the club move to higher league football, which is a clear and stated intention.