FC Torrevieja ‘International’

There are very few clubs in Spain with a true reach to the International Community. The obvious examples are Spain’s big two: Real Madrid and Barcelona: after that and coming a long way behind are Valencia, Malaga and Seville. Possibly the next club with the most International following is none other than FC Torrevieja!

Although ranked about 200 places below Real Madrid and Barcelona in League terms, a few years ago FC Torrevieja, or Torry as they are affectionately known, never had less than 2,000 people on the terraces, with major play-off games attracting no less than 6,500 spectators. These figures are absolutely unheard of at this level. The main reason for this tremendous support of Torry is the International community that live around Valencia’s fifth largest city; Torrevieja. Blessed with the best air quality in Europe and the mildest winter climate, the city is a haven for residential tourism. More than 105,000 people call Torrevieja home, and more than 56% of these are non-Spanish! The real population of Torrevieja never falls below 320,000 residents at any one time and with more than 100,000 British and Irish residents living in the catchment area, it’s no surprise that it’s this ex-pat group make up the majority of Spectators on any Sunday afternoon.

A decade ago, the International supporters group, the
Torry Army was formed. They became known throughout Spain, were featured in both the Spanish and International Press. Spanish TV stations have often made their way to Torrevieja to report on the phenomena. In 2009 a Sky TV crew filmed a documentary and other foreign channels have produced magazine programs about this unique supporters group. The team also has a Spanish Supporters club and many ‘penas’, or friendly groups/pubs, throughout Spain.

The city of Torrevieja is made up of 124 different nationalities with the British, Irish, German and Scandinavians being the most prolific European residents, and in turn, supporters of the club.

Our aim is to try and make ‘Torry’ your second Spanish club to follow their fortunes. We hope to link up with as many International supporters groups as possible. In the next couple of years we are planning the following:

  • Friends of FC Torrevieja weekend conference, in Torrevieja
  • Legends football matches
  • Legends golf matches
  • Inter-supporters clubs, masters football and golf matches, although not at the same time!
  • ‘An Evening With’ former legends of the game in one of our local theatres
  • After dinner speakers
  • Masters and Legends Challenge football tournaments
  • Ladies football tournaments and development, involving British and Irish teams
  • Academy tournaments
  • Tours
  • Concerts and events
  • and much more

For such a small club the support and ambition has to be seen to be believed.

Our main focus is on raising the profile of the club, attracting major sponsors and putting a few more bums on seats!

Second to that, we are looking towards forming the city’s first
academy squad, with a view to running an entire program, within four years.

Of course, we must not overlook the fact that this year the team is looking to reach the playoffs and a possible promotion to 2B. With that, Torrevieja’s name will be entered into the draw for the King’s Cup, the closest Spain’s gets to the FA Cup, and with it, the dream of drawing a La Liga team, and the financial rewards that go with it.

Welcome to FC Torrevieja. We hope you enjoy the ride.